Premium Australian Wool Dryer Balls,Reusable Organic Natural Fabric Softener and Static Reducer.

Dryer Balls
100% Organic Wool
Eco Friendly
Soften laundry
Reduce drying time
Save money and enegr
Reusable for 1000+ times
Eliminate wrinkles and static cling.

Kevenz wool dryer balls will soak up moisture in your dryer by absorbing up to 30% of their weight in water,then they tumble around in your dryer gentlely.
And they separate your laundry and sheets, increase hot air to circulate more efficiently so that the drying time was cut down.As the laundry get dried,the
balls will fluff and evenly redistribute humidity in the dryer eliminating wrinkles, reducing static cling and providing your fabrics a softer touching feel.
We suggest that use 3-4 balls for small or medium loads and 5-6 for large loads.In additon,you can spill a few drops of essential oil (lavender,lemon,etc.) on
the balls, giving your laundry a sunny and refreshing fragrance.

Dryer Balls